Hotel hostel

We also offer accommodations in the hotel’s hostel! There are 5 rooms available: 1x four-bed room, 3x six-bed rooms and 1x 8-bed room. This type of accommodation is suitable for schools, other groups, and budget-minded individuals.

Hostel price list 2022/2023

Adult Child 3-10 years
CZK 400 / person / night CZK 320 / person / night

Bed tax CZK 40 / day / Person over 18 years

Dog or cat CZK 100 / day. The price includes parking at the hotel.

Boarding-House, 8-bed room
Boarding-House, 4-bed room
Boarding-House, 6-bed room
Boarding-House, 8-bed room
Boarding-House, Sanitary facilities

Order of accommodation in Hotel hostel

The Hotel-type hostel has a separate shared bathroom and WC.
The price in the order is without breakfast. Please state in your note whether you will have half-board or breakfast.

If you do not find a suitable free date here, please confirm possibility of accommodation at e-mail address

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